3 Key Factors For Retirement Planning In A Volatile World


Retirement planning can stress people even in the best times. In recent years, the investing world has become significantly more volatile. That has implications for your retirement. You should consider contacting a retirement planning advisor to discuss these three factors that are central to investing in a volatile environment. Time to Retirement How far you are from retiring makes a major difference in how worried you ought to be about volatility.

16 March 2023

Investments For Nonprofit Business Owners


A reserve fund that you have acquired through fundraising strategies can be used for investments that will support targeted programs. A licensed nonprofit is eligible to invest in stocks and bonds. Due to the tax exempt status that nonprofits are equipped with, nonprofit business owners can essentially reap more rewards than a business that operates from profits. Extra Funds A smart business plan that is executed when operating a nonprofit may include hosting fundraisers and investing extra funds.

19 September 2022

Three Things That A Financial Planner Can Do For Your Personal Finances


Financial planning is often neglected in an individual's finances. Thinking about how much to save for the future is about all most people do. But there are professionals who can help you with your future as it relates to money. The following are a few of the valuable services they can provide pertaining to your money and your future. They can help develop a list of financial goals Because they work with a variety of people who often have different goals, they are familiar with the full range of possibilities for your future.

11 July 2022

5 Ways to Create an Intangible Legacy for Heirs


Anyone approaching the subject of legacy planning usually focuses on their physical assets, such as real estate and heirlooms, and their financial accounts. But what about your intangible legacy? What might you do to pass on a legacy that consists of more than just structures and portfolios? Here are a few things to consider. 1. Pass on Family History. Leave your descendants a family history they can understand and appreciate. This could be done in a variety of ways, including doing DNA or family history analyses, collecting family memorabilia, or sending heirs on trips to learn more about your shared heritage.

18 March 2022

Want To Retire Early? 4 Ways To Achieve Semi-Retirement Instead


Early retirement is a dream come true for most Americans. But many people cannot afford to — or aren't sure they want to — just stop working before ordinary retirement age. If you're in this difficult position, it doesn't need to be an either/or situation. You may be able to turn your early retirement dreams into semi-retirement realities. Here are four strategies that you might use. 1. Drop to Part-Time

16 December 2021

5 Ways Life Insurance Can Help Estate Planning


Many people view life insurance as a single item of its own and not part of their overall estate plan. However, your life insurance policy can assist estate planning in several ways. To help you fix any deficits in your estate plan, here are a few ways life insurance can help. 1. To Fill an Immediate Gap. Distributing an estate takes time. Whether it has to go through probate — which can take months — or it's just a matter of actually completing the transfer steps, your family members could be left without funds during the immediate period after your death.

11 October 2021

3 Reasons Why You May Need a Financial Consultant's Help


Financial instability is one of the biggest causes of unstable businesses, broken marriages, increased bankruptcy, and worrying stress levels today. This happens because many people have big financial goals they want to achieve, even though some of them sometimes seem hard to achieve. In fact, most people end up with huge losses due to mismanaged finances and poor investment decisions.  Luckily, you can avoid this problem by seeking help from a reputable financial consultant.

12 August 2021