Three Financial Planning Tips


Managing your finances can be a task that may cause you to experience significant stress due to feeling unprepared and overwhelmed for this critical task. The consequences of failing to create and follow effective financial plans can be dire, but there are strategies that can help to reduce the confusion and challenge of making financial decisions.  

Start Retirement Planning As Soon As Possible

When a person is still fairly young, it can be easy for them to assume that retirement financial planning is something that should be done later in life. However, this can be a very expensive mistake to make. If you start retirement planning at a young age, you will have many more years of allowing your investments to mature and earn a return. This can help you to increase your chances of being able to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Discuss Major Purchases With Your Financial Planner

As you move through life, you may find that there are major purchases that you will need to make. These purchases can include things such as houses, cars and businesses. Prior to making any of these purchases, you should always discuss it with your financial planner. There will often be hidden costs of ownership that you may overlook, and these costs can lead to severe financial strain. Your financial planner will be able to help you calculate these potential expenses so that you are able to make an informed decision about these purchases that will include the long-term effects on your financial stability and prosperity.

Create An Estate Plan

When it comes to financial planning, many individuals will assume that the need for having a financial plan stops when a person dies. Yet, there can be many tax issues and disputes that can cause problems for your survivors if you did not plan for these issues. When you create an estate plan, you will have a document that can guide your survivors and the estate executor through the process of distributing your remaining assets.

Making wise financial decisions can be essential for ensuring that you have the highest quality of life possible. While the decisions that will be involved with financial planning can seem overwhelming, there are tips to reduce these challenges and professionals to help guide you through the process. If you start saving for retirement as soon as possible, discuss any major purchases with your financial planner and create a comprehensive estate plan, you will be able to avoid some financial pitfalls. 


22 June 2017

never too early to teach kids about financial planning

I have worked hard to teach my kids the true value of a dollar. My kids know very well that financial security only comes with a lot of careful planning and good decision making. At what age do you begin teaching kids about financial planning? Is there anything that you can do to ensure that your kids know and understand the importance of learning about the true value of a dollar? Our family's blog will help you gain a good understanding about teaching kids about money and how to prepare for their future lives as adults raising a family of their own.