6 Ways You Need To Start 'Adulting' -- Now!


According to Time magazine, adulting is now a word and a thing. Acting like an adult, even when you don't want to. It's never fun but, at some point between college graduation and the age of 30, we all have to do it-- be an adult. 

Whether you have a spouse and children or are still trying to figure life out, there are a few things you need to cross off your official adulting to do list. 

1. Life Insurance: There are three types of life insurance -- term, whole, and universal life. They all have slightly different goals, depending on what stage of life you are in and how many dependents you would have if something happened to you. It's complicated; talk to a professional. Just know that having life insurance is a must when you need to adult.

2. Estate Planning: While retirement may seem like a long way off, you need to start planning for it now. Hiring an estate planning service can help you coordinate protecting your assets, managing your wealth, transferring any wealth to family members or charities as well as helping create potential income streams in the future. 

3. Guardian: If you have children -- or a pet -- sit down with your significant other and really talk about who could step in and raise your little ones. You need to talk it out know and let your thoughts be known to avoid any confusion later. Don't be afraid to re-visit this decision later. 

4. Living Will: A living will, or an advanced medical directive is often accompanied by a limited power of attorney. It simply spells out how you want things handled medically should you ever become incapacitated. Consult an attorney. 

5. Funeral Plans: While many feel that discussing one's own death is morbid, adults do this. Write it out, so your loved ones don't have to guess at how you wanted your big day to play out. If you want a party at your favorite local pub instead of a somber affair in a funeral home, say so.

6. Last Will and Testament: Adulting 101 right here. Creating a will is like super adulting. It is hard to imagine your collection of Pokemon cards living in someone else's basement, but it is important. Write everything out on paper, including who gets the beanie babies you have secretly stashed in your closet, and take it to an attorney. 

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16 December 2017

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