When Should You Work With An Independent Broker-Dealer?


Brokers act as a middleman between multiple companies and a client, while dealers act as salespeople for the company they are affiliated with. If you are working with a broker-dealer, you get the best of both sides of the equation where financial planning is concerned. Many private individuals work with broker-dealers, and many business owners trust these professionals as well. Take a look at a few of the situations when it is a good idea to work with an independent broker-dealer instead of one or the other for your financial planning needs. 

You are building your own investment portfolio. 

You are working toward building your own investment portfolio, and you need professional guidance in the process. You could go with an independent broker to help you, but there are certain perks of working with a broker-dealer instead. For example, with a broker-dealer, you will not only get assistance with your investments, but you will also get access to privately-held securities that the agent has available as a broker for their own company. You get the best of both sides of the professional service offering so you can build the most comprehensive investment portfolio. 

You are working to build investment opportunities for a group of employees. 

As an employer, the more you can help employees through benefit programs, the more secure your employees are going to feel as members of your company. Therefore, offering programs that will help employees invest in their retirement plans or that will help employees gain wealth is a huge thing. An independent broker-dealer can help you incorporate programs for your employees, and they can act as a guide for your employees as they make their financial decisions when it comes to investing, selling and buying stocks, and building an investment portfolio. 

You need financial guidance regarding your retirement plan. 

If you are working to build your own retirement plan, it is always good to have a financial planning expert who can help, and an independent broker-dealer is a good choice for several reasons. These professionals have the ability to help you look at securities you can buy to build your wealth, make recommendations regarding any investments you already have, and more. Because the broker-dealer is skilled at both selling securities and buying them, they hold enough knowledge to help you build a logical retirement plan for the future. Since the agent can offer securities in the company they are affiliated with, you often gain access to other perks as well.

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14 December 2019

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