5 Wealth Management Mistakes That Seniors Need To Avoid


When it comes to wealth management, seniors often need to realize that they're in a particularly susceptible position because they've generally already finished their careers and are somewhat limited in terms of income.  Any increases in income for seniors are generally allowed for by investments. However, seniors need to invest relatively conservatively to avoid comprising their ability to maintain the same living standards in the years to come. The following are five wealth management mistakes seniors need to avoid to ensure a healthy and reliable income over the long term:

21 March 2017

Planning Your Retirement: Social Security, Medicare, And Pensions


As you get close to retirement age, it's time to start thinking about when you are going to apply for Medicare and Social Security benefits. If you want to continue working, and you are getting close to 65 years old, you can still apply for Medicare benefits without retiring. You should apply for Medicare three months before you are going to turn 65, as you are entitled to these benefits whether you already have health insurance or not.

10 March 2017