How Much Should You Invest In Bitcoin?


If you follow the markets even casually, you're likely witnessing a modern day gold rush. It isn't the hills of California that are calling investors to find their fortunes, it's the ledgers of blockchain cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, the best known of the cryptocurrencies, is exploding in value. If you're experiencing some serious fear of missing out, now might be a great time to question how much you should invest in Bitcoin.

27 February 2018

6 Ways You Need To Start 'Adulting' -- Now!


According to Time magazine, adulting is now a word and a thing. Acting like an adult, even when you don't want to. It's never fun but, at some point between college graduation and the age of 30, we all have to do it-- be an adult.  Whether you have a spouse and children or are still trying to figure life out, there are a few things you need to cross off your official adulting to do list.

16 December 2017

5 Ways To Create A Financial Plan Even If You're Far From The 1%


If you don't earn a high income, you may not feel that financial planning is something for you. But, in fact, financial planning can be even more important when you don't have a lot of room to absorb financial emergencies. If this is your situation, here are 5 ways you can implement a financial plan of your own.  Avoid Interest-Carrying Debt Getting rid of debt and avoiding it in the future are two of the most valuable ways you can improve your long-term financial situation.

10 October 2017

Does Your Elderly Parent Need Monthly Financial Help You Can't Afford? What Are Your Options?


If you've found your own budget stretched to the brink by your elderly parent's need for an infusion of cash, you may be wondering whether there are any options (short of having your parent move in with you) to help improve his or her financial situation. The prospect of continuing to provide a stipend to ensure your parent can afford to pay the electricity bill or buy groceries can potentially cripple your own financial future, but allowing the person who raised you to go without simply isn't an option for most.

6 August 2017

Three Financial Planning Tips


Managing your finances can be a task that may cause you to experience significant stress due to feeling unprepared and overwhelmed for this critical task. The consequences of failing to create and follow effective financial plans can be dire, but there are strategies that can help to reduce the confusion and challenge of making financial decisions.   Start Retirement Planning As Soon As Possible When a person is still fairly young, it can be easy for them to assume that retirement financial planning is something that should be done later in life.

22 June 2017

Two Reasons To Purchase Life Insurance


One of the most important purchases that you can make is life insurance, mostly because of the various ways in which it can provide for and protect your family once you have passed away. Listed below are two reasons to purchase life insurance. Protect Your Family's Assets One of the biggest reasons to purchase life insurance is to protect your family's assets. For example, if you were to pass away before your home is completely paid off, there is a chance that without your income to support the family, your spouse or children would have to sell that house or end up having the house foreclosed on because they couldn't make the payments.

8 June 2017

Tips For Financially Managing Your Business


There are a lot of things that go into business management goals. One of the biggest aspects is doing everything you can in order to keep the business not only afloat, but as profitable as possible. After all, the entire goal of running a business is to ensure that there is a profit made. Otherwise, you are just working extremely hard for other people, and that should not be your end goal.

3 June 2017